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Press Releases

Press Releases

(2020.11) The Group Company wins the award of "Best Employer in China 2020".

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On November 28, Beyondexpect and its affiliates ("we" or "us") were invited to attend the 15th Special Annual Meeting of Chinese Employer Brands and won the award of "Best Employer in China 2020".

The "Best Employer in China" selection activity, sponsored by the domestic authoritative employer brand research institutions (CHIRC), is the earliest launched in the country for the enterprise employer brand survey selection activities. This year’s selection evaluated

16 dimensions in all, like talent concept, internal communication, employer brand positions, external publicity and marketing, implementation measures, the effects of work experience, system specification, the effect of public awareness, giving back to the shareholders, contributing to society, promised to employees, executive ability, performance, customer maintenance, business

strategy, enterprise precipitation, and had obtained the unprecedented attention from enterprises and human resources.

As a 25-year old enterprise, we always cherish a People-Oriented corporate culture, respects individuals, especially each and every one of our employees, and tries to create an open and equal platform for employees to work and learn.

At the same time, as a global IT service enterprise, we also pay great attention to the importance of cross-cultural communication. Such as following the differences of various countries in marketing, language, culture and law, and providing diversified development opportunities for employees and helping employees to enhance their comprehensive competitiveness through the talent training mechanism.

The success of winning the award of "Best Employer in China" shows the highly recognition from professionals in the field of human resources for our HR management and employer brand management, and also full recognition for the company's brand talent strategy and excellent leadership of the management.

Talent is an important resource and driving force for the rapid development of the enterprise. In future, we will continue to build the "People-Oriented" employer brand image and make efforts to train outstanding talents, so as to lay a solid and good foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise.