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Press Releases

Press Releases

(2016.04) Beyondexpect and its affiliates Win Datacenter Dynamics U.S and Canada Awards for Toyota Cloud Migrations and Securities Work

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Beyondexpect and its affiliates ("we" or "us") win the Cloud Journey of the Year 2016 award for data centerand security infrastructure on behalf of the work for Automotive ManufacturerToyota

Seattle, WA – April 21, 2016 –  This week, Datacenter Dynamics awarded BYS Consulting North America their Cloud Journey of the YearAward on behalf of Toyota’s Cloud Transformation Journey with a large scalemigration kick off efforts. This award, which honors the achievements ofcompanies and individuals across the data center industry, highlights andshowcases the abilities of us as a strategic partner in cloud services,data center migration and security management.

Over the past three years, we have provided managed-services for 200+ AWS EC2 instances hosting Toyota Web anddigital platforms. Toyota selected us to participate in their cloudjourney based on flexibility, agility, granular security controls and costmanagement services for Toyota Motor Sales North America. These instancessupport and deliver microsites for multiple business teams within the sales andmarketing business groups; which drive $9 Billion in annual revenue across 52 NorthAmerica regions and 1200 Toyota dealerships. In an eight-month period of time,the programs developed by us on behalf of Toyota have resulted in anoperational cost savings of $1Million per year.

We accomplished these savingsby leveraging standards of practice, using automation and DevOps methodologiesfor continuous integration and deployment “CI/CD”. Reducing the time taken fornew user’s accounts opening on core website applications from seven days to twohours, also reducing new user app provisions from three days to 12 hours, andincreased overall operational efficiency by 400%+. These simple yet focusedchanges will result in another $1 million per year in savings going forward asToyota and the cloud platform continue to expand.

As George Rockett, Datacenter Dynamics CEO, commented atthe event: “In our ever changing and vital industry, innovation and futurethinking is not just necessary – it is integral to how data centers shape thestrategies behind our increasingly connected world. Our Winners not only displayan incredibly deep understanding about how to exploit the technologies oftoday, but also a thirst to discover what’s next’. This is the hallmark of athriving and exciting industry. The DCD Awards are very proud of our Winnersand we wish You every success for the future.”