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Promoting Industry Fusion, Expediting Implementation of Smart Service

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Beyondexpect and its affiliates ("we" or "us") ¬ CIFTIS 2019


This event is a form of exchange for the industry in information technology work. Only if there is an exchange, can innovation be made. And only if innovation is made, can development be achieved. By holding the event, we promote communication between professionals in the IoT industry, to form an exchange mechanism of information exchange, resource sharing, mutual learning and complementing for common progress.

Time: Half day chosen from May 28 to June 1, 2019

Venue: Beijing

Participants: Authoritative experts in the field of IoT, CIOs/CTOs, IT vendors/service providers, industry media


1. Interconnectivity in the Era of IoT

2. IoT Technology Promotes Security in Smart City

3. Big Data + AI; Intelligent Operation and Maintenance