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About Us

About Us

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In the increasing globalization of the world economy, any given enterprise does not exist in isolation, but as a global corporate citizen.
While pursuing commercial success, Beyondexpect deeply honors ethical values, respects people, communities and the environment and has continuously strived to fulfill its obligation as a corporate citizen.

Since inception, Beyondexpect’s social responsibility is focused on People-oriented, Public Interest and Caring for our Planet.


Beyondexpect respects individuals, especially each and every Beyondexpecter.

We cherish a people-oriented corporate culture and try to create better working environment, career development and life quality.

We believe that "people" are the foundation of our business and we uphold the creed of "Financing people is greater than financing"; we believe that if we treat our employees friendly, they will help our company achieve more vigorous development and make the world we live in a better place. No matter what the circumstances, we always adhere to this principle.


In addition to caring for people of the company, Beyondexpect cares for people in the community. In times of national or regional trouble, we have immediately responded by starting donation programs. We offered financial aid to victims of the snow storm of February 2008 in China, donated money and goods to those who lost their homes and families in the Wenchuan Earthquake, and raised awareness of these tragedies by giving away T-shirts with slogans asking people for continued support.

Additionally, Beyondexpect supports the less privileged members of society. Beyondexpect offers equal employment opportunities to people from all walks of life, particularly to disadvantaged groups/ Beyondexpect also supports charities, such as the Shepherd’s Children Village and the Red Cross Society of China, by providing financial assistance and involvement in their promotion campaigns.

Love our planet

Beyondexpect is well aware of its responsibility and is deeply committed to conserving natural resources and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Today, resource and environmental issues have become major bottlenecks in global economic and social development. Green environmental protection, low carbon life has become the topic of concern in society. Beyondexpect advocates green living and caring for the earth, and promotes this concept to employees in various ways.

We encourage our employees to participate in volunteer and environmental protection activities, and to implement environment-friendly practices at all Beyondexpect sites. These include turning off office lights during lunchtime, providing free shuttle bus rides from the office to the subway station, and collecting package at tourist attraction sites.

Beyondexpect also actively implements measures to increase production efficiency, conserve energy and water, improve air quality and reduce waste. We practice a green creative design process and train our employees to understand sustainable design and practices.